Technical Assistance


On-Site Technical Assistance

The primary goal of on-site technical assistance is to enhance the quality of care children receive.  Upon request, LCPFC staff helps to increase and enhance quality practices and positive teacher-child interactions in preparation for the star-rating re-licensure or for “everyday quality”. The Environment Rating Scales and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System will guide the work.   On-site technical assistance provides many valuable opportunities, including:

  • Providing an ongoing mechanism for establishing and reviewing professional development goals
  • Allowing for one-on-one training and coaching
  • Serving as a bridge between group training and actual staff practices
  • Providing support and mentoring to reduce staff stress, burnout, and turnover
  • Ensuring quality programming and quality care for children

There are several types of on-site technical assistance available for child care programs. A facility can utilize just one, a combination,  or all three.

  1. Observation and assessment visits - observe and assess the quality of the program (may include a Environment Rating Scale assessment)
  2. Support and mentoring visits - assist in the development and implementation of quality improvement and professional development plans
  3. Monitoring visits - collaboration with licensing and monitoring agency to assess how a program is meeting objectives and time line for corrective actions and quality improvements plans

For more information, or to request technical assistance, please call 919.774.9496 or click here to email Program Services Manager, Lindsay Tipton.